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A basic understanding of candle care will enhance your experience of the beauty of candle light

1. Candles wicks should be trimmed to 1/4" for pillars and 1/2" for candlesticks.

2. Light the candle at the base of the wick to enable wax flow.
3. With pillar and larger candles, gently 'hug' the wax closer to the centre to maintain an even burn and contain wax pools.

4. To prevent wax from dripping, keep the candle free from drafts and air movement.
5. Trim the wick periodically if it gets too tall and begins to smoke, or if wax pool gets too close to edge of candle.
6. To maximize burn times it is a good rule of thumb to burn a candle for one hour for every inch in diameter. For example, burn a 3" diameter candle for a minimum of 3 hours. 
7. To extinguish your candle, dip the wick into the wax pool and reset to upright position. The wick will then be primed for the next lighting.

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A basic understanding of natural soap care will extend the life of your bar

1. Store your bar soap high and away from water and in a dry area. Excess water left on your soap can cause it to get soggy. Keep it away from any direct streams of water and set it aside to finish air-drying after each use.
2. A soap dish is the ultimate way to prolong the life of your soap. A soap dish with holes for easy drainage is ideal to allow the soap to completely dry in between uses and prevent it from sitting in any water. The most important part of keeping your soap as dry as possible is air circulation so finding a soap dish with some holes is helpful. You can also turn the soap on its side to have more surface area exposed to air.
3. To keep your bar soap hygienic, simply rinse it before and after use for 15 seconds. Washing the surface of the bar will remove any bacteria that may have settled on the soap.

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